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LGB Trains- G scale-Engines, Rolling stock and sets

LGB tains! The Large scale train for Garden railways, under the tree and for just plain fun!

Products to capture the interest of every railroading enthusiast!

LGB Trains,

LGB, The world's first "G-Scale" train. was born in 1968. But the family history of LGB goes back a long way to 1881, when Ernst Paul Lehmann founded a small toy-making company in Brandenburg, Germany.

Lehmann had a keen eye for new ideas and his "patent" toys, like the honking Tut Tut auto and slying Ikarus airplane soon gave "Ernst Paul Lehmann Patenwerk" a worldwide reputation for toy innovation. Lehmann's cousin, Johannes Richter, joined the company in 1921 and build on Lehmann's reputatin with patented toys like the ingenious Skiroff skier. After the East German government seized the company in 1948, Richter moved his family and the family firm to Nurnburg in the West. Then, 20 years later, Richter's sons, Eberhard and Wolfgang, introduced the family's boldest invention: LGB- The Big Train.

LGB went into backruptcy and was purchased by Walthers. The product is no longer made in Germany.

Piko trains are made in Germany and have taken over much of the G Scale Market. If you cannot find what you want in LGB Trains look at Piko.


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A Z-Scale passenger car weighs less that 1 oz.(7 grams)
An HO-Sclae passenger car weighs about 6 ounces (170 grams)
But a LGB Streamline passenger car weighs more than 4 1/2 ounces(2100 grams)! This weight comes from the larger size and stronger materials of the G-Scale LGB trains.

These trains are real replicas of real trains.

At Legacy Station, we have 5 or more interactive tables for the children to play on.
We also have 2 large interactive train layouts and we love for you to visit and play on the tables!
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