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Lionel 14003 80Watt Transformer
14003 80Watt Transformer

Original Price:$99.95

Lionel 14198 CW80 80 Watt Transformer
14198 CW80 80 Watt Transformer

Enjoy operating your favorite locomotives, train sets, and accessories with the 80-Watt CW-80 Transformer. From the handsomely designed controller, reminiscent of the famous Lionel ZW, you control speed and power by raising and lowering the engineer handle. Operate your favorite features with the bell, whistle/horn, and direction buttons. On the rear of the unit, you will find a 0-18 volt variable AC output, as well as a programmable AC output for accessory operation. Simply set the accessory voltage to your desired output, and your accessory operates at that output until you turn the unit offŌeven when you stop the train! Perfect for train sets and small- to medium-sized layouts, the CW-80 provides the power you need to enjoy all your Lionel favorites.

Original Price:$143.99

Lionel 34120 TMCC Direct Lockon
34120 TMCC Direct Lockon

Connect your PowerHouse Power Supply directly to the track with the TMCC Direct Lockon. Featuring a selectable current setting (for the 135-Watt or 180-Watt PowerHouses), the Direct Lockon eliminates the need for a PowerMaster if you run only TMCC-equipped locomotives. For added safety, the Direct Lockon provides over-current protection and an automatic reset. It is compatible with both Lionel FasTrack and O/O27 track systems. Includes power wire with FasTrack connectors and one standard Lionel Lockon.

Original Price:$51.79

MTH 40-1000 Z-1000 Transformer
40-1000 Z-1000 Transformer

Original Price:$109.99

MTH 40-200 Z-DC1 Transformer
40-200 Z-DC1 Transformer

Original Price:$19.95

MTH 40-4000 Z-4000 Transformer
40-4000 Z-4000 Transformer

Original Price:$459.99

MTH 40-500 Z-500 Transformer
40-500 Z-500 Transformer

Original Price:$59.95

MTH 50-1001  DCS Remote Control System by MTH
50-1001 DCS Remote Control System by MTH

Original Price:$329.99

This item is on backorder with MTH. We expect to get them in April of 2014. If you want to place an order, we will not charge your card until the item ships. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but these have not been available for a while.

Lionel 6-14295 no.990 LEGACY Command Set
6-14295 no.990 LEGACY Command Set

Shipping in March 2014
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Original Price:$399.99

Lionel 6-37947 GW-180 180 Watt Transfromer
6-37947 GW-180 180 Watt Transfromer

Original Price:$279.99


You can preserve the classic toy train look even while enjoying advanced operations with the RailKing and Lionel Traditional Accessories.
Structures will add interest and varitity to a layout. Customize your layout with structures that depict your personality and interests.Make sure the structures fit the layout - add commercial to the city layout, and country structures to the farm area. Adding people, characters and animals will add that personal touch. After all, people are what make the world interesting!

Lamps and signals light. Signals ding their warning. Crossing gate arm drop to protect bystanders. Rotary beacons spin. It's fun to give your railroad jobs to do, and operating accessories help them do that! The water column, water tower, and sanding tower let your steam engines take a break for replenishment, just like the real thing! An assortment of operating signals caution your engine before they rearend the train ahead. RailKing figures complement the many MTH buildings in your town! 
Legacy Station carries the full line of Lionel and MTH Electric Trains! We have Fastrack and RealTrax systems & Accessories as well as Railking and Premier trains. We have several MTH Electric Trains demonstrations of the new products throughout the year. If you don't find what you are looking, for please call.

Lionel and RailKing Traditional Accessories hearken back to the days when every child hoped to find a toy train under the Christmas tree. Now that toy trains are as technologically advanced as any toy on the market, those days are back. At Legacy Station, we have 5 or more interactive tables for the children to play on. 
We also have 2 large interactive train  layouts and we love for you to visit and play on the tables! 
We have a knowledgeable staff who will help you will your questions and concerns.
We pride ourselves in customer service and selection. 
Please if you don't find what you want, ask! We may have it in our large warehouse!