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Lionel Trains 2009 Volume 2

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New Lionel Tinplate Trains catalog and price lists
Lionel Train sets
Lionel train sets

Great Western Train
Great Western

Ringling Bros. Barnum Bailey train
Halloween train
Halloween train
Christmas Train North pole
Christmas train north pole
THomas the tank train
Thomas the Tank Engine train
THomas the tank train
Harry Potter Hogwarts Express train
Polar Express Train
Polar Express
NYC flyer
NYC Flyer
PA Flyer train set
Pennsylvania Flyer
UPS Train
UPS Train
Alaska Work Train
Alaska Work Train
CSX Husky Stack train
CSX SD40 Husky Stack
Santa Fe El Capital Train Set
Santa Fe El Capitan Train
Chesapeake Train set lionel
Chesapeake Super Freight
Lionel terminology
Lionel terminology
O guage in stock list
o Guage engines in stock
Lionel Diesel Engines

Lionel Christmas cars
Lionel christmas cars
Lionel accessories
Lionel Accessories
O guage layout
oguage track

Lionel Characters

Department 56
Department 56 villages
O27 Trac

Lionel Operating trackside accessories

Lionel Operating accessories

Lionel Operating carnival

Lionel Lights and bumpers O scale

O scale accessories


Lionel FasTrack Pack
discount lionel

MTH Trac

Gargraves Track

Atlas O Trac

O scale transformer

Command Control system

Lionel TMCC Buyers guide

TMCC Legacy

Lionel G scale christmas train

MTH Railking train set

Woodland Scenic Scenery supplies

Lionel 2009 Rebate Program
Purchase a new eligible product in the Lionel 2009 Volume 2 Catalog and you can receive a 10%
rebate of your purchase price – direct from Lionel.

Products Eligible for the Lionel 2009 Rebate Program

6-11156 Chesapeake & Ohio 4-6-0 Ten-Wheeler Steam Locomotive
6-11162 The Lone Ranger Add-on 3-pack
6-11164 DeWitt Clinton Heritage Steam Passenger Set
6-11200 Union Pacific LionMaster Challenger
6-11201 Western Maryland LionMaster Challenger
6-11202 Canadian Pacific 4-6-0 Ten-Wheeler Steam Locomotive
6-11203 Pere Marquette #1225 Berkshire
6-11204 Pere Marquette Legacy RailSounds Berkshire Tender
6-16836 Red Christmas Girder Bridge
6-16837 Christmas Operating Billboard
6-16843 City and Western Two-Sided Diorama
6-16853 The Polar Express Diorama
6-16857 Thomas & Friends Diorama
6-16863 Santa's Christmas Wish Station
6-16871 Winter Wonderland Diorama
6-16872 Illuminated Christmas Station Platform
6-16873 Bathtub Gondola Coal Load Insert 3-Pack
6-16874 Coaling Station
6-16880 Freight Platform
6-16881 Barrel Shed
6-16883 Neil's Guitar Shop
6-19578 Granny Smith Apples Woodsided Reefer
6-24286 The Polar Express Girder Bridge
6-25066 O Gauge 2009 Holiday Boxcar
6-25067 Angela Trotta Thomas "General Delivery" Boxcar
6-25575 The Polar Express Scale Heavyweight Passenger Car 2-Pack
6-25578 The Polar Express Scale Heavyweight Add-on Coach Car
6-25582 New York City Transit Authority R30 Subway 2-Pack
6-26612 Christmas Gifts Gondola
6-26614 Tupelo Milk Car
6-26661 Reindeer Feed Barrel Ramp Pack
6-27263 Scale Polar Railroad PS-1 Boxcar
6-27264 C&O Double-sheathed Boxcar
6-27265 Virginian PS-1 Boxcar
6-27266 Pennsylvania Express Boxcar
6-27267 Southern Pacific Heritage 60' Boxcar
6-27395 Amtrak Express Trak Baggage Car
6-27396 Chicago Northwestern Heritage Mechanical Reefer Car
6-27418 PRR Heritage Unibody Tank Car
6-27432 Union Pacific 3-Bay Open Hopper
6-27434 Rio Grande Heritage PS2-CD Hopper
6-27435 Scale Polar Railroad 8000-Gallon Tank Car
6-27436 Alberta Cylindrical Hopper
6-27439 Norfolk Southern Heritage Unibody Tankcar
6-27629 C&O Northeastern Caboose
6-27631 Norfolk Southern Heritage Ca-4 Caboose
6-27824 Milwaukee Road 40' Flatcar with Metal Pipes
6-27826 Canadian Pacific Skeleton Log Car 2-Pack
6-27827 Union Pacific Bathtub Gondola #28081
6-27828 Canadian National Bathtub Gondola #193140
6-27829 Western Maryland Skeleton Log Car 2-Pack
6-28297 Southern Pacific GP9 Diesel Locomotive
6-28315 Florida East Coast SD60 Diesel
6-28316 Pennsylvania Heritage SD70ACe
6-28317 Union Pacific SD60 Diesel
6-28327 Union Pacific #7050 Powered AC6000
6-28328 Union Pacific #7055 Non-Powered AC6000
6-28330 Union Pacific SD70ACe #8444
6-28331 CSX # 618 Powered AC6000
6-28334 Norfolk Southern Heritage SD70ACe
6-28446 Silver Bell Trolley
6-28447 Trackmobile Factory scheme
6-28448 Trackmobile CSX
6-28449 Trackmobile Union Pacific
6-28587 Pennsylvania #8510 GP-7 Diesel Locomotive
6-28598 Santa Fe GP-7 Diesel Locomotive
6-28599 Erie GP9 Diesel Locomotive
6-29300 50th Anniversary #3435 Clear Shell Aquarium Car
6-29628 Poinsettia Mint Car
6-29634 Federal Reserve Bailout Mint Car
6-29635 Monopoly "Go to Jail" Mint Car
6-29734 PRR Heritage Ca-4 Caboose
6-29894 Christmas Chase Gondola
6-29961 Meet the Beatles! Boxcar 2-Pack
6-30118 A Christmas Story Train Set
6-30121 Santa Fe Baby Madison Car 3-Pack
6-30122 The Wizard of Oz Train Set
6-30123 Boy Scouts of America Freight Set
6-31789 CSX Trackside Work Set
6-31790 Pennsylvania GG-1 Passenger Set
6-31791 New York Central LionMaster Diesel Freight Set
6-31793 White Pass & Yukon 3-pack
6-31794 New York City Transit Authority R30 Subway Set
6-35173 North Pole Central Blitzen Coach
6-35193 Pennsylvania Streamliner Passenger 4-Pack
6-35200 Strasburg Observation Car
6-35526 LIONELVILLE Destination: Adventure! DVD
6-36149 Strasburg Wood-sided Reefer
6-36646 Monopoly Caboose
6-36647 Strasburg Caboose
6-36896 Christmas Music Boxcar
6-37009 Mount St. Helens Smoking Boxcar
6-37010 Pennsylvania Power & Light Searchlight Car
6-37011 Boston & Maine Operating Milk Car with Platform
6-37012 Great Northern Jumping Hobo Boxcar
6-38210 Pennsylvania Alco A-A Set
6-38323 PWC M&STL GP9 Diesel
6-38328 PWC Northern Pacific GP9 Freight Set
6-38671 Santa Flyer 4-6-0
6-38677 Strasburg 0-6-0 Dockside Switcher
6-38678 Monopoly Hudson Steam Locomotive
6-38679 Santa Fe 0-4-0 Swithcer
6-39319 Boy Scouts "Scout Law" Add-on Boxcar
6-39321 Lionel Art Boxcar 2-Pack
6-39326 UPS Centennial Boxcar #4
6-39484 Cocoa Marsh Vat Car
6-48147 Santa Fe PA A-A Set
6-48376 American Flyer 2009 Holiday Boxcar
6-48380 Circus Stock Car
6-48381 1953 Catalog Art Boxcar
6-48383 Post Office Boxcar
6-48431 Sunoco Single Dome Tank Car
6-48560 BNSF Flatcar with Jet Engine Load
6-48632 Santa's Candy Shop Hopper
6-48633 Union Pacific Hopper
6-48750 Erie Lackawanna Extended Vision Caboose
6-48751 Cotton Belt Bay Window Caboose
6-49930 Santa Fe Streamliner Passenger Car 3-pack
7-11163 Lionel Little Lines Train Playset
8-87031 Large Scale 2009 Holiday Boxcar
8-87032 G Gauge 2009 Holiday Boxcar

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