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Track and track accessories

Atlas O 7056 2rl custom flex track  7056 2rl custom flex track
# FEATURING: Code 148 Solid Nickel Silver Rail and simulated brown ties# American prototype ties and tie spacing with correct spike, and tie plate and bolt details

Atlas O
now only $13.45
Atlas O O 1/1 4 inch  Straight Track  O 1/1 4 inch Straight Track
Designed to work with Atlas O's new Double Slip Switch, or in any layout, this new fitter piece will be indispensable when making your layout plans and in building your layout.

Atlas O
now only $8.55
Atlas O O 3 Tie   Clip with Simwood Tie  O 3 Tie Clip with Simwood Tie
Finishing piece when using Atlas O's 21st Century Custom-Flex-Track and all other track sections. Includes 8 pcs./bag. Simulated wood ties.

Atlas O
now only $4.45
Atlas O O 40 inch  Flex w/Simulated Wood Ties  O 40 inch Flex w/Simulated Wood Ties
Our 40" Custom-Flex Track with simulated wood ties and nickel silver rail, enables you to duplicate prototypical trackwork where sectional track cannot be used. The ability of our Custom-Flex to bend

Atlas O
now only $19.76
Atlas O O 5 1/2 inch  Straight Track  O 5 1/2 inch Straight Track
# Premium Nickel Silver Track (Brown Ties)The scale-sized plastic brown track ties have a wood grain, the tie-plates have spikes, and the rail joiners have the bolt detail of real track.# To add to the realism, the center rail is blackened.

Atlas O
now only $4.28


You can preserve the classic toy train look even while enjoying advanced operations with the RailKing Traditional Accessories.

Lamps and signals light. Signals ding their warning. Crossing gate arm drop to protect bystanders. Rotary beacons spin. It's fun to give your railroad jobs to do, and operating accessories help them do that! The water column, water tower, and sanding tower let your steam engines take a break for replenishment, just like the real thing! An assortment of operating signals caution your engine before they rearend the train ahead. RailKing figures complement the many MTH buildings in your town!
Legacy Station carries the full line of MTH Electric Trains! We have RealTrax systems & Accessories as well as Railking and Premier trains. We have several MTH Electric Trains demonstrations of the new products throughout the year. If you don't find what you are looking, for please call.

RailKing Traditional Accessories hearken back to the days when every child hoped to find a toy train under the Christmas tree. Now that toy trains are as technologically advanced as any toy on the market, those days are back. At Legacy Station, we have 5 or more interactive tables for the children to play on.
We also have 2 large interactive train layouts and we love for you to visit and play on the tables!
We have a knowledgeable staff who will help you will your questions and concerns.
We pride ourselves in customer service and selection.
Please if you don't find what you want, ask! We may have it in our large warehouse!

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