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Breyer horses models, stable, barns, accessories

Breyer horses models, stable, barns, accessories

Breyer horses
model horse, stable, barns, accessories

Breyer horses have collectors ranging from young to old, male to female, amateur to professional. Horse lovers love Breyer horses models! Many of our collectors start at an early age and collect throughout their whole lives.
Each Breyer model horse is a work of art that begins on a sculpter's table, where equine artists painstakingly define and capture each detail, from the technical aspects of bone structure and muscle tone to the aspects of character, mood and expression. The final pieces are cast in steel, then injection molded out of cellulose acetate and finally hand painted and airbrushed to attain their realistic appearance. Each Breyer horse model is handled by as many as 20 different artists in the factory, creating a unique piece in every figure.
For the discriminating collector and equestrian, we introduce Breyer horse Gallery. An exquisite collection of fine porcelain and resin sculptures so detailed, you won't want to miss a single one.

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