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Lionel Trains Sets Engines Rolling stock

Lionel Trains Sets Engines Rolling stock

A Lionel trains Top 10 Dealer located in the Atlanta area specializing in train sets, engines, sales and repair. We are family owned and have been in business since 1997.
We also purchase your used trains.

As one of the few direct dealers in the country, we offer low prices and service to our customers. We have a full repair department with lots of parts and our staff is knowledgeable and friendly. We have been a family owned business selling model toy trains for over 18 years. Periodically we will run sales. Also, as Lionel produces new catalogs, we offer preorder prices which are the lowest prices and great deals. Join any of our social media, newsletters or blog feeds to be informed when the preorder prices are available.

We are very Kid friendly, so when visiting to see and hear the trains on the test track, bring the kids along! We have serveral pLay areas  and everyone in the family loves visiting our "train room" which is a large, live display with 6 trains running throught the miniature villages.


Lionel O-Gauge locomotives and rolling stock are divided into two basic categories—Traditional and O-Scale. Both lines are O-Gauge and can be run together if Minimum Curve requirements allow. Generally, the difference is a matter of size and consistent proportions. O-Scale locomotives and cars are kept as close to scale dimensions as practical. Traditional O locomotives and cars may be compressed to better operate on tight curves.


* Based on classic Lionel designs
* Approximate scale proportions
*Perfect additions to Lionel ready-to-run train sets  
* Can run on any O-Gauge track curve,even O27
       (unless noted otherwise)
* Accurate reproductions of rolling stock and locomotives
* Scale proportions
* Super-detailed with many separately applied parts
* Check the Minimum Curve requirement for each
     car or locomotive


Lionel locomotives and rolling stock are thoroughly tested to determine their Minimum Curve requirement. In some cases, a Lionel car or locomotive may be able to easily negotiate most, but not all, possible track configurations for that Minimum Curve. For these products, a Recommended Minimum Curve is also given. This larger measurement allows for all combinations of Lionel track and switches

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