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Lionel Trains Sets Engines Rolling stock

Lionel Trains Sets Engines Rolling stock

We are a Top Lionel train dealer located in the Atlanta area specializing in Lionel train sets, engines, sales and repair. We have been in business since 1997.

As one of the few Lionel direct dealers in the country, we offer low prices and service to our customers. We have a full repair department with lots of parts and our staff is knowledgable and friendly. We have been a family owned business selling Lionel trains and model toy trains for over 18 years.

Lionel trains have collectors ranging from young to old, male to female, amateur to professional.No childhood should be without a train. A motto from our past that we at Lionel believe still rings true today. Beginning with a Lionel train set, this hobby provides the flexibility of a construction set, the action of an electronic game, and a character all its own. Many Lionel products contain some very high-tech features. However, rather than remain stuck in front of a two-dimensional screen, young and old model railroaders alike can create a three-dimensional miniature world of their very own. As many seasoned model railroaders will attest, a railroad is never done. There is always more to build, add, or modify. With more variety than ever before, there are Lionel trains & products to suit every budget. As they have for over 100 years, Lionel will be there for every step of your family's lifelong journey down the rails.

Periodically we will run sales on Lionel and O Scale Product. Make sure you sign up for the newsletter to recieve these emails. Also, as Lionel produces new catalogs, we offer preorder prices which are the lowest prices and great deals. Our newsletter recipients will be informed when the preorder prices are available or you can check this link.

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