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Information for the new train engineers. Frequently asked questions, videos on setting your train up, and more.

Highball for Holiday Hours: Now Open Sundays!

Holiday hours are starting today! From 11/27/2016 until 12/20/2016, Legacy Station will be open from 12:00 PM, until 5:00 PM on Sundays, in addition to our regular store hours.

Come in and visit us!

The Real Polar Express: Pere Marquette 1225

With the holiday season swiftly approaching, the Polar Express sets are hitting the shelves, and the titular Christmas classic will soon be making nightly runs across the country’s television screens. New generations are given a glimpse of the sights, sounds, and magic, that defined steam railroading, and an era of industrial ingenuity not likely to ever be witnessed again; and at the heart of it all, in the engine house of the Steam Railroading Institute, lies the engine that inspired an author to create an American Christmas tradition.

Built by the Lima Locomotive Works of Lima, Ohio in the December of 1941, Pere Marquette #1225  was one of a batch of 11 N-1 class 2-8-4 Berkshires, ordered by the road for heavy freight traffic. The locomotive worked in this capacity across the Pere Marquette system, and after transitioning to Chesapeake & Ohio ownership in 1947, the 1225 worked for four more years before being sidelined as the C&O notched-up dieselization. In 1957, after sitting in a deadline for six years, 1225 was pulled from her resting place, and the railroad donated her to Michigan State University, as a representative of steam engineering.

The locomotive was prominently displayed outside of MSU’s Spartan Stadium during the coming years, and was a popular attraction with the many visiting families attending football games. However, of the locomotive’s regular visitors, few left with a sense of endearment greater than that of young Chris Van Allsburg; every visit involved clambering into the engineer’s seat of what he believed was the “Christmas Train”, and imagining her returning to the rails once more.

Eventually, with the driven persistence of dedicated volunteers, 1225 did breathe on her own again; a sixteen year restoration, starting in 1971, yielded a breathing locomotive by 1985, capable of moving under her own power. And that same year, a grown Chris Van Allsburg, recounting memories of the locomotive as a boy, put down his childhood vision of wonderment in pen and oil, with the publication of “Polar Express”.

Today, the locomotive is owned by the non-profit Steam Railroading Institute of Owosso, Michigan, where the legacy of steam railroading continues through the ongoing operation of one of America’s most “storied” locomotives.

Now on Display: MTH Lionel Corp. Lehigh Valley Standard Gauge Tinplate Set

Fresh out of the box, the 11-40113 Lehigh Valley presidential set is one of the most striking tinplate passenger sets we have ever seen! The locomotive, 11-1043-1, is a faithful reproduction of American Flyer’s 1931 #4696 4-4-2 Atlantic.

For ordering information, drop us a line at 770-339-7780!


Name Our Train


Legacy Station train

Help us name our train

Can you name this train ?   We need a name before its debut on Dec 5 for Pictures with Santa on Lionel National Train Day.  So we have a contest running for the best name. Winner will win  a $25.00 gift certificate.  Enter the contest here

Impressed with New Train Sets!


Frosty the snowman train set by Lionel

We were very surprised with the new sound and features in Lionel’s two new LionChief Train sets: The Frosty the Snowman train set and the 10th Anniversary Polar Express Train Set. The clarity of the sound was unbelievable.

Lionel’s Frosty the Snowman Train Set 

We actually like the blue color of this set!


Watch the video to see the train in action




Picture 263

Polar express 10th Anniversary train set by Lionel

Lionel’s Polar Express Train set 10th Anniversary set with Girder Bridge

This set comes with the girder bridge as a 10th anniversary special.  It also includes special sounds not in the other Polar Express train sets

Watch the video to see all the special train sounds

Setting up your New Train

Let us show you how to set up your train set

Lionel Train Set up Video

MTH Train Set up Video


DSC_0106What train should I buy for my child or grandchild? Continue reading

The ABC’s of Legacy Command System with Mike Reagan

I thought I really knew the Legacy System but I there was a lot that I did not know.

Mike starts with the 1995 version of Lionel Cab 1 and brings you into the new era of Legacy with the ipads and iphone apps. It is very well done. Continue reading

Train Railroad Terminology

85-77003lgTerms used by Railroads and Model Railroaders Continue reading

Train Slang

How much Railroad Slang do you know? Continue reading