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Lionel Train Sets

Lionel Train Sets

Lionel train sets have never been easier to run!

Lionel ready to run train sets come in two different options:

1.  remote controlled train (LionChief)
2.  conventional transformer controlled train (Lionel is no longer making these sets - We have a limited number available - )

Lionel is thrilled and eager to share with you our expanded assortment of LionChief™ Ready-to-Run train sets for 2015!

The LionChief system is designed to make operating model trains as easy as possible no wires, no programming, no hassel, just lots of fun in the palm of your hand. Whether you have just become a train enthusiast or expanding your current layout, Lionel gives you lots of great options that will take you as far as your imagination will go. From your favorite Thomas and Friends™ character to the perfect set to run under the Christmas tree we have got it in our LionChief 2015 line up.

LionChief differs from LionChief Plus in that the LionChief Plus will operate via Remote OR conventional (transformer) mode.  In other words you can run it on your existing transformer driven layout. LionChief Sets will not run on a conventional transformer layout without the remote. LionChief Plus also has working ElectroCouplers. Currently there are no LionChief Plus Sets available, but LionChief Plus Engines are available.

  • Lionel 6-84719 Santa Fe Super Chief LionChief Set w/Bluetooth LionChief Sets & Accessories

    Regular Price: $429.99

    Special Price $386.99

    45 left in stock. Preorder Deposit Amount Shown

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