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Lionel Trains

Lionel Trains

Lionel Trains - Complete line

Located in the Atlanta area specializing in Lionel train sets, engines, sales and repair of new and old Lionel trains.
Complete line of Lionel Trains- A Top Ten Lionel Dealer

As one of the few direct Lionel trains dealers in the country, we offer low prices  & knowledgeable, friendly staff.  Featuring a Lionel train repair department with Lionel train old and new parts. We are family owned -selling Lionel model toy trains since 1997. As Lionel produces new catalogs full of Lionel trains, we offer preorder prices -the lowest prices  available. Our Lionel train/OScale Train newsletter will inform you of preorder times.

We are very child friendly, so when shopping Lionel trains, bring the kids along!  We have several play areas. Everyone in the family loves visiting our "Lionel train room" which is a large, live display with 6 Lionel trains running through Lionel Trains miniature villages.
For those new to Lionel trains, see our Guide to Lionel trains Fastrack



Lionel Track - A guide to Fastrack and accessories
ALL Lionel train sets now come packaged with the special Fastrack by Lionel.  Installing Lionel Fastrack is easy and accessories can be added to the Lionel Fastrack with ease.  If you want to add bridges, tunnels or operating accessories, just make sure they are compatable with Lionel trains Fastrack.   We have made a Lionel fastrack guide to track and train accessories to make it easier to understand.  Keep in mind this is a guide for O scale track.  Lionel Corporation O Scale Trains will also run on Lionel Fastrack.  Standard Gauge  Lionel Corporation must run on Standard guage track not fastrack. Running Lionel's American Flyer trains?  You will need the Lionel American Flyer Fastrack not eh O scael fastrack

Lionel Lionchief Train Sets

All the new trains sets made by Lionel are called LionChief sets and they operate with a hand held remote control.  The train sets with  the throttle type transformers are no longer made  by Lionel or MTH trains.  These transformers can still be purchased but must be purchased seperately and are used with larger layouts.  For the simple Lionel train layout, expecially one that a child will run, the remote control LionChief sets are wonderful. Simple to use and safe, the child can remotely operated the Lionel train.  The remote controls the speed, directiions (forward or reverse) and the sounds which are normally the bell , whistle and train talk of the engineers on the train.

Additional Cars

Additional cars can easily be added to the sets.  A common tradition is to add the Lionel Train Christmas Car each year.  Others will add an operating car such as a log dump car to add more interest and play value to their Lionel train set.  It is up to you.  It is your train layout and we are here to help you along the way!


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