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Control Systems

There are several ways to power your layout. Most starter sets  currently have a transformer or remote control that will operate the train. 

If you decide to add on to your layout, you may need to know the power options.

Conventional means a  traditional transformer. The transformers runs on varying voltage, the more volts you use the faster the train runs.


Command Control

Command Controlled means each locomotive is equipped with a "digital number" that only responds to signals meant specifically for it.The track is electrified at a constant voltage.The individual command-equipped locomotives can operated at low or fast speeds depending on what you tell it by way of a remote control wirelessly linked to a control box connected to the track. WIth this system, you can run multiple locomotives independently of each other.

The two digital command-control systems for O scale (O Gauge):

Lionel's Legacy System  Lionel Legacy Command Control System

MTH's Digital Command System (DCS) MTH Digital Command control DCS

Both systems can be operated on the same track at the same time, and those desiring the most flexibility have equipped their layouts with both systems. For engines not equipped with command control electronics, both systems can operate conventional locomotives on seperate tracks, although with  Lionel's Legacy systems you must purchase  an additional box called the Power Master.



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