Track & Power

Track & Power

Lionel O Scale track.

****Track Packs and Plans****

New newest and best track is Lionel Fastrack. Here is a simple Fastrack guide to help you in planning your layout
Lionel also produces the American Flyer Fastrack for S Gauge

Trains and scenery are often the stars of any layout, but any seasoned model railroader will tell you that good track and power is the key to years of trouble free fun. Lionel’s track lines are designed to be easily assembled into an infinite number of designs and provide reliable performance for your trains. From rugged transformers to cutting-edge control systems, Lionel has everything you need to run your trains the way you want. For the first time, we’ve grouped all of these track and power essentials into one reference catalog along with inspirational plans to help you get the most out of your trains. If you can dream it, you can build it with Lionel track and power!

The Tubular track with black ties is O Scale Tubular- Discontinued by Lionel 
The Tubular with brown ties is O27 track - Discontinued by Lionel


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