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O Scale Cars

O Scale Cars

O Scale Train Cars are a must for making an interesting train.

O Scale cars are interchangable- couplers will work with each other.  You can choose from popular brands such as Lionel, MTH Trains and Atlas O, Williams, Weaver .  Keep in mind that longer cars will require a wider curve radius.  Longer cars are generally MTH Premier, and Atlas O Cars. 

O Scale Freight Cars

Lionel Freight Cars   MTH Freight Cars    View ALL O Scale Freight Cars

O Scale Passenger Cars

Lionel Passenger Cars   MTH Passenger Cars    View ALL O Scale Passenger Cars



Some Popular styles of freight cars are:

Tank CarsTank Cars  Box CarsO Scale box cars 


 Aquarium CarsO Scale Aquarium CarsOre CarsO Scale Ore Cars


Flat carsO Scale Flat cars  Crane CarsO Scale Crane Cars 



Auto Carrier  o scale auto carriers  Reefers o scale reefers 



CaboosesO Scale CabooseMint cars o scale mint cars





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